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Descriptions of some of the apples avaliable at The Apple Patch

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Crisp white flesh, mild sweet flavor. A cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis, this apple does not turn brown quickly when cut. This is the traditional apple used in Waldorf salads. It is also a good eating apple when crisp but its perfumy aroma develops when riper.

Golden Delicious

This apple is golden yellow when ripe. The flesh also has a yellow tint. It has a sweet flavor and crisp texture. Most people consider this to be an eating apple but it makes great chunky apple sauce and tasty pies.

Grimes Golden

This apple is a parent of the Golden Delicious and looks similar. The skin is less prone to russeting in our area. It has a sweet but stronger flavor and a firm texture. Primarily used for apple sauce and pies, its lower juice content allows easier drying.


Developed by the University of Minnesota to be a very winter-hardy tree. The fruit is prone to cracking on our farm and is very tart in early maturity. But they hang on the tree well and and are almost sweet by season's end. It holds its shape well when used in baking pies. It reminds people of the sour apples they loved to eat as children.



This apple is a cross between a Jonathan and a Red Delicious. It is sweet, flavorful and crunchy. A premium Fall apple. This is one of our more popular eating, baking and storing apples and sells out quickly every year.


This apple is a cross between a Jonathan and a McIntosh. It is slightly sweeter than the McIntosh but with similar texture. This is one of the best multipurpose early apples. It makes good cider, is good for eating and makes a creamy smooth sauce when fully ripe.


Our most popular apple. Depending when this apple is picked it can be tart and firm or sweet and soft. The flesh is white and crisp when fresh. This apple is best for eating and making apple sauce. It also is good in apple crisp early in the season and for cider when fully ripe.

Northren Spy
This is also one of our old varieties. Its tart, creamy yellow flesh holds its shape well when baked. It also keeps for a long time without getting wrinkly. This apple is primarily used for baking but many enjoy its slightly astringent flavor fresh.

Red Delicious

This is the apple that most people think of when they think "apple". It has crisp, sweet, mild flavored white flesh but does not stay crisp for long without controlled atmosphere storage. Many varieties have been developed to turn red early so they can be picked for storage but they lack the flavor of the original. This apple is used for fresh eating by most customers. It just lacks the tartness needed for baking.

Roxbury Russet

This apple has never won a beauty contest. It has a rough, tough skin that turns golden when ripe. It is a tart/sweet blend that is extremely flavorful. Firm in earily maturity but doesn't stay crisp. This apple can be used for eating and baking but has been a long time favorite for exceptional cider and juice.

Royal Gala

This is an early sweet apple. It ripens with McIntosh but has a milder flavor and a firm, crisp flesh. We wish we had more trees of this variety. This is one of our more popular early eating apples.

Rome Beauty

Another old favorite apple. This apple ripens late and has hard, mild flesh. It keeps for a long time if kept cold. This apple is commonly used by commercial bakers for frozen pies.

Wolf River

This is our largest sized apple, by far. These apples get as big as grapefruits but lack in flavor. They have spongy flesh but it holds its shape well when baked This apple is a favorite for apple dumpings and fried apples.

Winter Banana

This apple has a tough waxy skin but can not be stored for long periods of time. The flesh becomes soft and grainy and has a mild pear-like flavor. When fully ripe, this apple is used primarily to make apple sauce. Many orchards plant these trees just to pollenate other apples.





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